Soil valley of god, the core technology glory

Earth god valley irrigation and drainage tube, the only global patent

Through a unique outer prototype, the design of the internal V, the kingdom of broadly using high/British standard specifications, the perfect combination of other parts, tube throat inside is composed of a V groove main waterway, have intensive irrigation and drainage hole quickly, at the bottom of the opening rate up to 20% of the surface design simple for large mechanized installation application.
  • High standard reference design level/British standard specifications

  • Design is simple and suitable for fast large mechanical construction

  • 50 mm tube, efficient irrigation and drainage of 42.6 liters

  • At the bottom of the intensive irrigation and drainage hole, high discharge rate

  • The pressure difference to realize automatic tube drainage is not blocked

  • Unique features to achieve pipe "self cleaning"

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  • Juzhi CBF(Jinan)Science and technology co., LTD. Set up July 2014, is a basalt continuous fiber production, processing, research and development, technical consulting service in the integration of science and technology integrated company; By the Hong Kong ammonium Xin investment co., LTD and shandong economic and trade co., LTD. Jointly incorporated sino-foreign joint ventures. The first with a total investment of 780 million yuan RMB, the registered capital of 260 million yuan;  company equity investment at the same time, gather intelligence basaltic complete sets of equipment co., LTD., chapter grave huarun gas co., LTD., basalt fiber veneer overpass (quasi), basalt fiber lakes form a complete set of photovoltaic company (quasi), basalt fiber textile company (quasi), basaltic pipe (quasi).
    Juzhi CBF(Jinan)Science and technology co., LTD.
  • Procurement in the valley of soil ecological road construction scheme of water-saving technology of god, after half a year's observation, we can quickly road drainage and water penetration, no longer form a larger water area, professionally, to be effective, block, and mobile storage corresponding area rainwater from 100 ~ 200 mm.
    Guangzhou high-speed group

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The following case contains the roof greening, ecological road, ecological pool, ecological square – multi-function subsidence type square

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Details about soil valley of god is introduced and the dynamic of water-saving technology co., LTD

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Our cases are mainly distributed in the municipal engineering construction, road drainage, urban rainwater collection, home landscaping, etc.

Municipal engineering
Drainage irrigation
Rainwater harvesting
Household green
13Dongying city soil valley god water-saving technology co., LTD., founded in 2012, covers an area of 150 mu, the registered capital of 30 million yuan, is a by the strength of the Hong Kong company and the state-owned enterprises with good reputation, specialized in urban drainage and roof greening promotion of joint venture.

The company has a good business environment and high-quality professional talents, the company has with shandong agricultural university, shandong academy of agricultural sciences’ established close cooperative relations, form a combination of technology and marketing team.

Why do you want to green roofs

Roof greening is the perfect combination of architectural art and garden art, is very important to improve the image of the city. With the speeding up of urbanization process, the scientific planning, landscaping, lighting, green city fifth surface can add infinite charm for city, elegant design, design distinctive roof greening is very important to city…

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